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Our Expertise

Expert Import Consulting is fluent in English, Chinese, and Spanish and is accustomed and well versed to working directly with a demanding clientele. We possess an accurate understanding of business organization, management and leadership needs.

Expert Import Consulting, LLC’s Strategic Sourcing Consulting services aim at generating a better visibility and a holistic perspective on the client’s business manufacturing and sourcing habits, both to identify savings opportunities and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its sourcing efforts; enhancing companies’ organization and relationships with their local and international staff or affiliates, with the goal of providing effective balance of how processes are learned and implemented to adjust and revise processes and procedures as required; and helping U.S. companies lacking the capabilities to dedicate their time and efforts to fully understand foreign production and sourcing procedures.

Expert Import Consulting, LLC Management Consulting services include corporate strategy and strategic planning; brand strategy, growth and innovation strategy; organizational effectiveness improvement; functional consulting strategy; outsourcing consulting, and general procurement strategy.

Strategic Sourcing 
Management Consulting
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